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Around 1990, at the beginning of the search engine innovation by Google, there was one main deciding factor, PageRank.

Over time, other algorithms where introduced to further narrow down search results to get an accurate match for a query.

During 2004, the means of SEO had changed. As such, the most well known search engine marketing expert great, Danny Sullivan would begin to use the phrase Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

The reason for the change back then was obvious to him, optimizing for crawlers, managing paid listings, submitting to directories all of these activities are "Marketing on Search Engines" excerpt of Danny Sullivans

So much has changed since then!

Now in 2013, over 200 factors may be used by a search engine in determining an increase in a pages positioning In search results. This has had made a big difference with the way SEO works today.

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What I do is teach you what no one else wants to. The way they phrase something as though there is a tactic or magic trick to get your site to the top of google or be in the be in the top 3 forever.

Well there right. If you continue to pay there high initial cost and continuous monthly fee's afterwards than you will stay there, if you don't than watch your site fall... Dramatically!

Why? Because what they have actually done is hurt your site to help it. This ensures a continuous payment from you. They will get You better google rankings but not tell you what it takes in order to stay there, sending an inexperienced webmasters good content site into decay

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